positioning objects relative to window

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  • Put a sprite with anchor as a position marker. Set it to invisible, on start of layout position your moving object to the marker's position.

    Kind of work around, but it should do the job of positioning a moving object on some spot of the screen despite the scale.

    also, I beg you, how do I get an answer to my question [...] and just get working answer

    Ask a complete detailed question.

    Explaining you had already tried the anchor and that it didn't fit the full scope of what you wanted to do (a custom moving object) was a far better explanation than just "no behavior".

    People can't guess what you already have done on a written post. The more details you give, the more likely to get an efficient answer you are.

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  • wow, that solution was unexpected, but works great! big thanks!

    and will try to do that next time I will ask something. thanks again :)

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