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  • Hi,

    I want to centre an object on the screen so I used set position and entered the coordinates as:

    X WindowWidth / 2

    Y WindowHeight / 2

    This doesn't work - the object appears bottom right of the screen. If I enter the numbers (320, 240 for the default window size) then the object appears in the correct position.

    What am I doing wrong?



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  • Actually, This is kinda weird... I have been having problems placing items in the exact spot since the update... Re-run your project and click on the Project folder and change the Fullscreen in browser setting to off.(on the left).

    You should now see it center a bit better, but it is still off... I made the window and layout 800x600 and a sprite at 800x600 and when I center it as you state above it is about 1/2 inch to the right and down... This may be a BUG... anyone else want to verify this on their own?

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