Portrait/Landscape Anchor problems

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  • For mobile, you have to have two layouts - one for portrait and one for landscape.

    If I copy the portrait layout to landscape, change the landscape layout size, re-arrange the objects, change the anchor points and attached the same event sheet as for portrait - everything is good right?

    Well not quite. To handle lots of differnet screen sizes, Crop fullscreen mode has to be used, and the objects such as buttons and score are anchored so they move in/out with the resize. However, when you modify the anchor behaviour (i.e. which side its attached to) on one layout, it also changes it in the other - Doh!

    So the next avenue is to try and change the anchor properties (i.e. which side its anchored to) in an event. However this is not possible - you can only enable/disable anchors.

    The next strategy was to create two anchors on each button, and only enable the appropriate one. But you cant only create one anchor on an object.

    Does anyone have any more ideas?

    NB:Letterbox scaling is not an option has it to be full screen with no black bars, and make best use of space.

    Help much appreciated.

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