Please help with my Win8 phone game

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  • Hey everyone,

    I can export my game from construct it and visual studio express 2012 where I can even build it to my registered device (and HTC 8x). However I am having a few issues once I get to that point. These are probably because I have very little idea of how to use VS2012 and they're probably a quick fix but I simply cant figure it out.

    1st. When I build (or test) on my phone...even though the layout of the project is in an Aspect Ratio and resolution that I understand to be appropriate for the platform (WXGA 1280x768 15:9) I still get a black bar on the bottom and the side (when the device is oriented in landscape mode) In the black bar on the side is the phone's clock and this is messing up the way the art looks. If I could get the app to run "full screen" on the device that would be GREAT! I just don't know how to do it. To test I took a full screen image from the project and opened it full screen via the pictures app and it looks perfect so I know it isn't the resolution. There is just some setting in visual studio express for windows phone I am missing somewhere.

    2nd I would like to lock the app into landscape mode once the black bars issue is resolved...I cant figure out how to do that either.

    Please...Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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