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  • Hi,

    I wana to know how to use health variable for player

    I have created a variable that name is health and set the value is 3

    ( want when enemy hit the player in 1 time the player will not destroy and same to the second hit and last hit that is 3 time when enemy hit the player the player will destroy that it )

    And create the sub-event for the player

    player health<1 player destroy

    but this is not working well

    so plz help me

  • Well that's the right thing to do

    You can make it when player is hit to subtract 1 from health

    and as you posted when health is=0 or <1 or whatever, then destroy

  • Thanks Pakost

    that is working one again thanks a lot for help

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  • Hi Pakost,

    I have another question that is for game speed When I checked the game on my local system that is working fine but when I tested it on my android phone that time speed is too slow.

    basically when I click the moving button with the help of touch event

    I have this code


    Touch---Is Touching --(object)


    Player ------ set X to self.X +self.xSpeed*dt

    where xSpeed is plyer's variable.

    do you have any idea what is the issues

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