How do I get the player drunk

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  • I thought id play around with the effects today and thought id create a quick silly game where you have to drink as much as you can before passing out. the difficulty would increase as you drink the alcohol resulting the screen to start disorting more and more until you dont know which way is up. I didn't really find a simple solution to just give a code of something like on collission with beerbtl, add 5 to effect warp. or something along the lines.. How would i go about this?

  • wow

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  • Exactly as you wrote.

    Set up your scene, put the player and the bottles on the same layer, give the layer the effect pulse (most realistic drunk effect XD) with intensity 0.

    On the events sheet create a global variable called "drunk" and two events like this:

    every tick->layer effect parameter to variable "drunk"

    player on collision with bottle-> add 5 to variable "drunk"

    Done. ^^

  • Thanks, got the job done Didn't really seem to understand how the parameters should be set initially, but this cleared it up.

  • Malt liquor.

  • Lord of the Rings Online does this very well. They not only add the screen distortion, and blurriness, and color fade they go one step further to make your camera controls less responsive so your avatar can't be kept in center of screen easily.

    The Shire pub crawl during festivals where you have to hit all the pubs in the shire and drink in a certain time frame is hilarious by the time you get to home stretch.

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