How do I play several sounds at once/close to each other?

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  • Hi!

    So just for fun I'm building a small sequencer to help me learn the basics of drum sequencing. All the software you can download is big and clumsy so I thought I'd make my own.

    I understand playing sounds is tough on a browser, but it shouldn't be this tough, so I'm probably missing something.

    Here's the basic thing: ... acker.capx

    (If that doesn't work remove the spaces here: u/1328856/Tracker.capx)

    The idea is this - when triggered (currently by collision, but I'll remake it into a number check later so it's more precise) we try to play a sound using some variables from a step - basically the name of the sound file. Trouble is - it only plays one type of sound and even that one cannot be retriggered.

    So how can we make it play several sounds/retrigger them? Just realized it may have to do with tags...

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