How do I play Adaptive music ?

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  • Hi there

    In my game I'd like the music to be somehow dynamic / adaptive.

    Materials :

    Basically I have one music with 3 different instrument tracks that make the atmosphere go from Quiet to Mid to Energetic. That makes 4 files : one with the complete Music, and three with each separate instruments, all the same length for now)

    Goal :

    I want the music to play the Quiet part from the start, and when the player gets past a certain point in the level, the Mid part kicks in. Same with the Energetic part when the player enters the last third of the level.

    Problematics :

    1/ the transitions need to be seamless

    2/ the rhythm shouldn't stutter or miss a beat

    3/ the Mid track must start at 00:00 and not like in the middle or something. Same for the Energetic part.

    It's pretty hard to explain and I hope I'm clear. I hardly know where to start. I'm no sound designer and it's the first time I'm trying to achieve something like that. I've found a few topics talking about this but the linked capx were all down so I couldn't learn anything from them

    The best idea I came up with so far would be to play the three parts from the very beginning, with Mid and Energetic being silent until I decide to make them audible. That way I'd be sure they stay in sync, but the problem is it wouldn't solve Problematic N°3 above...

    Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate it <3

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  • considering point 3 i assume that you'd expect the currently playing music to fade out and the new one to fade in, correct?

    Anyway, check this tut: ... tters-lerp

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