Platform is falling - right or left - animation

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  • Hi

    How to set animation when player is falling but he was jump on left ?

    Now I had:

    Platform is falling - Set animation to "fall"

    How to add:

    Platform WAS jump on left.

    I tried use mirrored and "ping pong" but doesn't work becouse all player animation was mirrored.


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  • Basically what you want is to test what animation was playing prior to the sprite falling.

    So, if the jump animation was the default one, play the default fall animation; if the jump animation was mirrored, play the mirrored fall animation.

  • Yes ok byt you don't have something like this:


    Animation WAS...


    Animation is

  • Ok I added variable = 1 when player walk right

    and 0 when walk left

    now it's work but I'm not sure it's cool ideal ;-)

  • You have the condition "Is playing" under the Animation section.

  • If I do like this - That's doesn't work.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • That's exactly what I did (plus added the arrow keys are down condition) and it works fine for me.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Thanks

    It works but I dont understand why it doesn't work without keyboard events ;-)

  • The keyboard events are here because, most likely, you set on key press set animation to "walk".

    Without the keyboard events as sub-events under Platform is falling, pressing the left or right arrow keys in air will result in looping the walk animation.

    You need to take in account all the possibilities that can occur during each step of action where you need to change the animation of the sprite.

  • YEs I understand keyboard events but I think that aniamation should working without declaration about keyboards.

    Becouse if I don't press key: left - animation should fall left becouse we add:

    "is animation jumpR playing - set aniamation to jumpR"

    But without keyboards events that was not working.

    Now I have trouble with jump when player animation stop left or stop right.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • What exactly happens if you don't add the keyboard events?

    Upload your .capx and I'll see what I can do. EDIT: Tomorrow.

    Hopefully I'll be able to explain the steps to you.


    Use sub-events when you need to use the same event multiple times.

    Put your events as subs on groups to add them to the group.

    I used two different animations for the left and right animations because I made that prior to the r69 release. You can use the mirror property.

  • I have r70

    If I delete keyboard events - when falling animation walk is playing.

    Now I would like to set jump when player is stopRIGHT

    It should be simple but doesn't work.


  • Upload your capx file not your game.

  • your hero is shaking - did you noticed? it happend sometimes when you make colission by point...i had the same trouble - i fix it by making the animation frames for all actions esame size and collision by pixel. or is there any other ideas why he is shaking? i just wonder is there any other way to fix that?

  • I don't know why but was much bad becouse I haven't centered image points (using numeric:5)

    Some says it shaking when there is too much blocks sprites etc.

    Noiw I don't know why is shaking

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