Platform beatemup game questions part1

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  • I am making a Platform beat em up game.

    And I have some problems:

    Project Download Link:


    1. I don't want the Player to "hit" while in the air.

    2. I Want the Player to "hit" Turned both ways.

    3. I want the Player to Play through the complete "hit-animation" when key D is pressed, instead of having to hold the key down until it finishes the whole animation.


    I don't want the animation to be interupted and play again if the Hit key is pressed before the animation is finished playing through. I want the "hit animation" to play through before playing it again.

    4. If you Hit simultaneously as you walk, the default standing animation gets stuck. (Until you jump again, then it all goes back to normal again.)


    Move with "left" and "right arrow keys".

    Jump with "up arrow key".

    Jump extra high Holding "Shift" while jumping.

    Hit with "D key"meman2012-11-01 17:34:08

  • If you like, please download and fix the file.

  • 0. Save your project as a single file and share the capx instead of zipping up the project folder.

    1. Put a 'platform: is on floor' condition alongside the 'on D pressed'.

    2. You have to set the PlayerImages sprite 'mirrored' or 'not mirrored' depending on which way he's facing. Actually you're already doing that with walking but for some reason you set him 'not mirrored' when playing the hit animation.

    3. Change 'D is down' to 'on D pressed'. And change 'on D released' to 'playerimages: on animation "hitforward" finished'.

    4. Give the 'on animation finished' event a subevent: 'platform is moving -> set animation to "walk"' like you've done for 'on landed'.

  • Could you please fix the file and send it back, I had problems following your instructions. I am very new at construct2 I really appreciate your help

  • Ok, I think I managed to follow your instruction anyway, not sure:p

    Only one problem left:

    The player turns the wrong way and hits, when D button is pressed. When the player is turned Left.

    But he hits the correct way if the left-arrow key is down while I press D..

  • Here's the download link for the corrected file. (Hoping I followed the instructions thanks to ramones correctly:

  • I figured it out. Thanks yet again Ramones, really appriciate your help!

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  • No prob, glad you got it working. Another thing: look at the platform properties for the enemy and set 'default controls' to 'no'. Then pressing left/right/up won't make the enemy move/jump too.

  • Thanks, But the Default Controls won't show? Is it an action that has to be set? if so, it won't show along with "Fall through", "set angle of gravity" etc under platform.

    could you give me instructions for how to get "default controls" please?

  • No it's not an action. It's in the properties bar on the left when you have the sprite selected, where you set speed, acceleration, deceleration etc.

  • Oh there it is! Thanks so Much!

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