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  • what is the correct way to make event without bugs for a player animation? walk run fall jump attack

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  • The beginner's platform tutorial covers building events for basic movement pretty well: You should probably follow the full tutorial from the beginning

    You can definitely get everything you need from that. Just apply the same logic to any other actions, like attack uses a keyboard press of spacebar, for example. It only really gets more complicated than that when you want to give characters actions like rolling, mantling and vaulting.

  • not so simple in fact   what is the difference for the condition (is on platform) and (on platform) i guess my bugs comes from here

  • Those two conditions don't exist. Do you mean "is moving" and "on moved"? Either way, the principle is the same:

    The first group of platform conditions are perpetual. Construct will test to see if those conditions are ever taking place and, when they are, will do whatever actions you specify every tick that those conditions are met.

    The second group (the animation triggers), is only triggered once for each time the condition is met, indicated by the little green arrow as part of its icon.

    Going with the movement I mentioned above, you'd use it as follows:

    (1)-Player.platform(on moved) set animation to player.animation "WalkStart"(play from beginning)

    (2)-On animation("WalkStart") finished

    -Player.platform(is moving) set animation to player.animation "Walking"(play from beginning)

    If that still doesn't work you should post your capx so we can take a look through it and point out specifically where you've gone wrong.

  • yes it's a good idea to post it, but how to do that?

  • There is a difference between a caproj(project folder, which sums up files in directories) and a CAPX(a zipped single package of the project).

    Dropbox as your using it won't make use of a caproj. Please save as an CAPX. Now I renamed the capx.backup1, but that could be old.

    ok looking over your program. What is wrong with it?

    Also I think your refering to

    "Platform on Floor" which is true when your object is standing on the floor.

    "Platform Landed" is an event triggered upon the platform landing after being in the air.

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