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  • this is not really a "how do i", more like "is it better if"..

    so i have a boat, and boatFoam particles. these particles are created under boat and they have some time to expire, pretty short, but when boat moves it looks like foam behind it.

    now i've done this in this particular way - create a particle on 0,0 + event that does this: each 0.2 sec (way less then each tick (around 12 times)) - particles set position to

    enemies (family) on imagepointx (0) imagepointy (0), and set angle to some angle.

    now my question is - is this more performance friendly then pining the item by position only to the boat ? also there is no loss in visual quality when i tried pinning / this method but i think i've gained some performance (though the game runs stable 75fps on my machine all the time in browser). am i correct?

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  • My advice would be to test the 2 ways and check the debug view for any performance changes.

    But it sounds like it would be more cpu consuming to create a new object all the time than having the same particle object pinned.

  • tested it - seems like pin vs set position every 0.2 makes no difference. i even got it to the point where pin works actually better then

    pure setting xy.

  • here's the link -

    tested with 2x sprite and sprite + particle. 1000 10000 and 5000 objects.

    if someone wants to test - use current test vs this one: - add every 0.2 sec - set ps position to tes1.x and test1.y and remove pin behav from ps

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