How do I pin one sprite to another?

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  • Hi guys! I have a sprite I have named 'WreckingBall' which has a 8 direction behaviour attached to it.

    I want a little man with a gun to sit on top of the WreckingBall sprite... So I have created another sprite I have named 'Sprite'.

    I have an event sheet called event sheet 1:

    I create a new Event. It goes like this....

    Add Event -> System - > every tick -> Sprite -> Pin Pin To -> WreckingBall.

    The Sprite does not pin to the Wrecking ball. It entirely ignores this event sheet rule. I think it is ignoring the event sheet completely.

    I checked Layout properties and Event Sheet 1 is specified in the layout properties.

    I just started development with this environment today so maybe I am doing something wrong?

    Does anyone know why my event sheet will not pin one sprite to another? It seems silly!

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  • You don't have to pin the sprite every tick.

    on start of layout - sprite: pin to wreckingball

    should be enough.

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