How do I pin an animation at an offset?

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  • I want to cause an animation to occur while pinned a distance away from an object that is moving, but there doesn't seem to be an option for that. How do you guys work around it?

    Also to minimise on thread creation, I would also like to ask here on how do I customise my animations more?

    I seem to encounter an itchy problem where my sprite which has a glowing orb behind him is "floating" on platforms. How do I register his feet to be the foot of the platformer behaviour while the glowing orb has no collisions? (Btw, the orb and the person are one sprite and cannot be separated)

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  • As far as I know you can pin an object at any distance, so I don't understand the first question..

    The second question would be either adjusting the collision-polygon in the image editor or use a sprite for the platform behaviour to which you pin your animations..

  • When you pin it, it pins it at the current distance. The problem can occur if the distance or position is moving. In this case, it may be better not to pin it directly, but to have an "every tick" event which sets its position based on the thing it is pinned to.

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