How do I pick and drop object?

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  • In the game I want to:-

    1. Pick a cube when a key is pressed and move with it in all 4 directions ( 8-direction behavior                         with direction set as " 4 direction")

    2. Drop the cube when a key is pressed

    i tried using the pin behavior but i think it is not the right method to achieve this mechanic.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I have figured out most of it but it does not seems to work smoothly

       player on collision with red cube ---- red cube pin to player (position & angle)

    on space pressed ----- unpin pin behavior

    i can move perfectly in 3 directions but it does not move with the same flow at the direction i am facing . It is slower.

    PRoblem :-

       how to trigger pin behavior on a key pressed not on just collision

       fixing the push behavior at the direction the player is facing

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