can I use phonemes in C2s TTS ?

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  • Can I send phonemes to the text to speech in C2 and if so how ?

    eg : pronunciation for "hello": could be "h eh l ow" - unfortunately my requirements are slightly more complicated than "Hello".


  • subtle bump - well maybe not that subtle

  • beginning to lose hope.

    If this is not possible is there a way to record (and save for next time) pronunciations as sound files inside C2 ?

  • <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> Mess around with it, loquendo users make it work ... -game-talk

  • Thanks for the link.

    The problem I have is trying to get C2 to pronounce welsh place names - I realise it stands little chance just going off the spelling but I was hoping I could break the words down into individual sounds and stick them into the google TTS engine (planning on running on an android device because that is what my friend already has). Basically I think it is not possible and I am now looking at Nuances TTS for welsh off google play store - I just don't know what the TTS engine will cost when it comes out of beta and I don't want to give him something that in 6 months needs an update costing £ ( who knows )....

    On the bright side the welsh TTS appears to work well.

    Anyway, thanks again for the link.

  • RamPackWobble

    Here is the spec for the tts api: ... ts-section

    You can specify the voice to use there, but nothing to change how things are pronounced.

    But then I followed a link from above to here:

    And it appears you can change how things are pronounced.

    It may take some digging but the solution to do it should be in there.

  • R0J0hound - many thanks.

    Now to see if I can make any sense of it...

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  • Opps. It turns out the standard tts linked above can't use ssml yet to control how stuff is spoken. I'll keep looking.

  • R0J0hound - Thanks for the update - I had a quick look at those links and it is definitely outside my comfort zone

    Please don't spend time on this for me - I will either go about it in C2 another way or go back to the drawing board.

    Thanks again.

  • No worries, the concept intrigues me. That 2nd link covers a markup language using xml to customize everything with how tts pronounces stuff. Probably more that's needed but it looks idea. Unfortunately as I soon found out the standard html5 tts doesn't support it.

    The most I've found is a js lib that does tts and supports that markup language. The only issue is I find it sounds like garbage compared to most other engines.

    I didn't look but if there's a tts plugin for android export it may support that markup language. To use it should just be a matter of using the xml text when specifying what should be said.

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