How do I make a person shoot where he is looking?

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  • basically i want me person to shoot where he is looking and not where the mouse is and i can't figure out how to do that anyone out know?

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  • You really need to show some starting code

    and a screen shot of your game idea.

    Eg what is your game? side scroll / top down / isometric

    What is your control idea?

    What is your character mechanic. Separate Gun / Body / Head


    Basically though the angle of your character , or where your character is looking, will be (or can be) defined

    and you just need to use that angle to set the bullet angle of motion when firing

  • it is a top down game with 8 directions i want him to throw torches but i had to make so you throw it where the mouse is on screen but i don't like that so i wanted to know if there was a way to make is so he throws it where he is looking.

  • of course there can pretty much do anything you can think of with Construct

    in this case Just set the angle of torch fire based on the 8 direction


    right = set bullet angle motion 0

    up right = set bullet angle motion 45

    up = set bullet angle motion 90


    (ps for the down directions use negative angles eg down = -90 deg

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