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  • I want to talk about the current trend: Tizen competition

    While we have been stressed all the time that mobile devices have limited capabilities, we can't really say whether we will have a performance hit until we tried the actual device. While the post on Tizen competition claimed that it got 93% scirra mark, I'm still looking for the following answers to ensure smoothness of my app on Tizen:

    1. Are there any say on maximum number of instances and sprite size, etc before fps dropped? I got several 128 x 128 sprites, and these will hit performance greatly for older smartphone, but the number of these sprites should not exceed 50. I also got myself some more tiles object for filling in the background.

    2. Is it possible to say that, from number 1, I can run 60 fps with 50 sprites with the size of 128 x 128 with at least 1280 x 720 resolution on Tizen OS? Exclude event sheet for now.

  • IMHO, There is no direct answer for this.

    I'd say limit the build to newer / semi-newer smartphones by specifying minimum OS requirement / hardware.

    Borrow one of the not-so-famous smartphones from the current/one-gen older segment and test them. Optimize for it and your game is almost automatically faster on the higher up phones/devices.

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  • Tutorial very-very need. I'm tired asking for this.

    "We'll try to provide some more help with a tutorial about publishing to Tizen soon - watch this space!"

    It's from blog. I think that "soon" was two week ago. My project doesn't build in SDK; to the deadline less than 2 weeks. I'm panic for a reason.

    And yes, I'm know that Scirra is a two or three man's company... but you support Tizen platform and haven't any manual about this. BUT, export to amazon tutorial appeared before export was ready. BUT amazon don't announce competition with 50 000$ but Tizen does! Why?

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