Overlapping not working as I wish

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  • Hello again.

    We have a sprite that is 96px times 96 px, and this cover a block of nine sprites (32 each)

    When I am using "System pick overlapping" and then enter the bigger sprite's X and Y as coordinates It wont find ANY sprite overlapping even if there are nine sprites below that.

    Are there any better method that is not too taxing on system? (such as collide)

  • I wonder if the "overlapping" works by verifying the hotspot and compare it with the other sprite´s hotspot? Then I understand why it won't work.

  • Another question:

    The "system pick" would not work outside of screen? (damn!)

    EDIT: (instead for making monologue)

    Apparently it should work on layout. At least I know it is not that. It is ME. haha.

    I got a code working now for the overlapping thing. But the whole thing is not behaving as I want. When I test it in orderly fashion, it works but when in more chaotic setting it is .. well, you know.

  • The way I understand it, it picks the instance that overlaps a single point with its polygon.

  • Interesting and the polygon is set to full frame, so it should work but it won't.

  • Does this help at all?

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  • blackhornet Thank you, it will help someone. In my case it is static, not moving figure.. exact 96x96, and exact 32x32 tiles under. But I solved it by doing other way, testing the coordinates section for section (9 of them). And this speficic works now.

    I now have to battle with everything else.. haha

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