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  • I have tried to search this but it is not possible to search on | or "or" because of too short word!

    I tried to put a bunch of Constant variables and put | between them in a condition, to see if the object value is true to one of them, and as I have a list of 32 constants in that list I would prefer to put them all in a parameter line, instead for making a long condition box with this or this or this or that... But it won't work that way. Why? It works when I put all the constants one by one.. But it is quite scrolly, three pages for just that box, and I have to put same condition on many places! this is going to be a very very long event list visual wise.

  • I also found another problem.. with my code.. Else won't work with or blocks! This is going to be killer long lists if I have to put separate events, oh wow.... Nightmare....

    Yes I did try to put the or in a sub to the Else and it worked for the first Else, but not for subsequent elses. :/

  • Look at my example here:

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  • blackhornet

    I should have clarified I wanted to compare Array value with constant values. I do not know if your solution work with arrays? I am sorry I was too "generic" in my question.

    Thank you for taking your time, though.

  • Still applies.

  • Oh, I see you used system comparison! Thank you. I will see if I can apply it to my events. Sorry for being daft.

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