How do I optimise large layout with many instances?

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  • hm yes but in any case it seems gpu is the problem, have you put scaling quality settings to low? putting static objects, in different frames also help to reduce drawcalls, not sure if that aplies to canvas2d

    try a smaller map and adding things, and test often, try a simple character with cameramove,...

    post a testlink to test speed

  • vtrix

    On one of my phones, Nokia 1020 canvas2d working even faster than webgl, and here no webgl things yet, so problem is in collisions, map size etc. I know, smaller map can help, but it can't be smaller. I have statics in different frames, for example walls are one object with 20 or little more frames.

    This is only test, I am not sure yet I will stay on C2, means js/html5 with my project or I need to move to other faster "engine". I still have a hope, I can do it in C2, because work is much faste than in other engines and in theory, I can do everything I need in this game. I need only stable fps. With few enemies on screen and some effects fps is still acceptable, I'm doing more tests now

  • its just to test framerates, if it bogs down on a cameramove with a small map, then the hardware is just not up to it, if it works better without webgl the gpu is just weak, also collisionchecking.... does it goes faster if you dont do collisiontests? you might try asking ashley to do a check..

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  • Facet : It should work out in c2, I am sure. You have the right start/structure to optimize.

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