Opening new projects, opens projects already opened.

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  • When opening new projects in construct 2, the new project that opens up has objects and events from previous projects set up already.

    Different templates open different old projects I have made.

    Am I doing something weird? Or should I report this as a bug?

  • No this is not a bug you just can have more then one project open at once. They still work as different projects they are just both open. it you look at the right-hand side of C2 there is a Projects tab that lists everything in your open projects if you look you can see they are separated by Project.

  • I know about the multiple projects. It's when I decide to open a brand new project with no other projects open.

    I click new project and click a 16:9 landscape project, and it opens a project with objects and events already on it from different projects I have made.

  • Just close these projects.

  • The problem is, I can't open a blank new project.




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  • I can still make new projects, I just have to delete all the objects one by one, and delete layouts and events, but it's annoying and time consuming.

  • Probably you overwrited the default templates with this "garbage" project. Try to open the .capxs in Template folder to check.

    Just delete all in a project and overwrite again the default templates.

  • Ok that's what I did. Thank you very much. I didn't know you could save over the templates.

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