Opening capx files & Putting sounds in arrays

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  • Hello there Scirra Community,

    I have downloaded some capx files from other posts showing me how to solve some problems, but after saving the capx files I can't seem to run it. I get the Failed to Open Project error. Cannot find object texture file 'GreenFelt.png' in the project texture folder. Check the file has been renamed or removed. Under element: c2project \ object-folder \ object-type Line 21, column 9

    I don't think I'm missing anything because I just downloaded it and opened it. Am I missing anything?

    I'm also currently want to make a simple game where I click on a sprite (which in this case is Stewie from Family Guy) and it would play a dialogue of his. I want to put these dialogue (which are sound/music files) into an array and have it randomize every time I click on the sprite. I can't seem to find any guides on setting a value on a array that isn't a number or word. I also am not sure on how to randomize the array so that once I have the X value selected it would play the dialogue. The array is only 1 dimensional so there isn't nothing too complex about the game.

    Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it.

  • array's only take number and words. however the word is enought. keep in mind that the word can match a file name.

    stewarray(name of sound file references inside)




    on sprite clicked -> playaudio(floor(random(0,3))

  • Thank you for your assistance Jayderyu I was wondering the action playaudio(floor(random(0,3)) is playaudio under Audio or is playaudio the name of the array?

  • I think he was just using pseudo code to refer to the audio object. Audio -> play (by name) I think it is.

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  • There's no value I could set there it only requests Audio file name and tag. I put in floor(random(0,3)) in both of those one at a time and it doesn't seem work so I don't think it's Audio -> play(by name).

  • Ahh I think I was thinking of Construct Classic then. Haven't used audio in C2 yet. I'll see tomorrow what I can come up with if no one else has.

  • Import your sounds. Put the names in an array. Reference the array for the names.

    <img src="" border="0">


  • Import your sounds. Put the names in an array. Reference the array for the names.

    <img src="" border="0">


    blackhornet i went this page but not found.

  • Alternate: SoundNameInArray.ZIP

    Just change .ZIP to .CAPX

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