How do I make online two player game

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  • How do I make online two player game with the fairly new multiplayer plugin?

    I know ashley made a few tutorials on how to make a multiplayer game.

    but I simple want it to be two players and two players only

    I want to use a player and dummy player object method, instead of the two player objects method

    as this seems to be a simpler


    I have managed to get the peer to receive data occasionally but when I do the host doesn't receive anything.

    I think this has to do with onclientupdate and isreadyforinput they only detect if the peer is ready and not the host.

    I need a way of checking if a certain network ID(not just clients) is ready for input or ready to send a message so the host can receive from the peer also?


    as I am still a beginner

    If someone could look at my project and tell me how to fix it that would be great

    and I would be very thankful


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  • bump Please can someone help me

    sorry but I'm a little impatient

    I've been constantly rewriting code to make this work for the past 2 days

    and its really annoying to have no video tutorials explaining what each function does and how to use it

    yes I know there is a manual but its limited on explaining how to use them


    Ashley is it even possible to send a messages besides input states back to the host?

    If not could you add the option in the next update?

  • Update: so I've managed to get the multiplayer to work

    however I do have a question.

    does the client not send out messages when the he is tabbed out?

    the host seems to update the peer fine when he is tabbed out but...

    when the client is tabbed out the host doesn't get updated intill the peer tabs back in


    *IMPORTANT* My server seems to not shut down when I disconnect or exit the game

    this makes the game start another server when I launch it again.

    This eventually crashes my computer

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