Official text_box and Return key..Urgent need help

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  • Once more time I got problem with Return-Enter key (code =13) with official text_box plugin.

    In preview mode...everything seem ok but problem comes when I export my project in server...

    In my game...I have a chat feature and I am using official text_box plugin to get message input. Message will be send to other via webSocket...etc..

    My problem is: I don't want to use a button to trigger send command, I want to user Return-Enter keyboard (code ==13) to save user actions and place of screen. In preview mode...this was working well as I expected but after deployment-export, once I press Return-Enter..whole my page refreshed...meaning game must be start again and player who press Return-Enter keyboard lost points....

    Have you got any experiences for this case ...I need your help in urgent...

    Sorry about my bad English

    Thank in Advance..

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  • So...sorry everyone...this is my problem...I put c2runtime in div and post it in to ASPX form....:D...

    I really forget postback.....

    Problem is fixed but...Put c2runtime outside of ASPX Form..

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