How do I make objects spawn/drop only one object a time?

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  • Seems the "Trigger once while true" cannot be used as a co-condition, you do have to create a sub-event.

    Simple example:

    character on collision with ghost -> {Actions to be done very beginning when collide with ghost}

    >Trigger once -> {Your book spawning actions here}

    >Blank condition -> {Other actions after spawning the book here}

  • > daehawk It doesn't require to add "trigger once" because an event you implemented "On Collision with" it's a trigger, every conditions have green arrow icons are triggers.


    > Otherwise other conditions don't come green arrow, are updates in every tick.


    Joannesalfa The collusion itself triggers once but the sub-event that is dropping the books for him is triggering multiple times. That's why he needs the Trigger once on the one that spawns the books since he only wants one book to spawn but it is sometimes spawning 2-3 instead.

    daehawk So you censored your implementation in screenshot, I don't know why you would censor it.

  • Hello all. Yeah, this is what what my code looks like right now, but it still drops 2 or 3 books sometimes... basically, the "trigger once" sub-event doesn't seem to be working. What the heck is going on here lol?

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  • Never mind, thanks a lot The first option (the green Cooldown) works best for me, it's exactly what I was looking for... a cool-down period! For all the help, Thanks again everyone.

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