Objects following player.

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  • What If there are more than one player, what If I have 2 Players or more in one stage?. How to make each enemy pick random Players to follow/attack?

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  • Nimtrix, sorry to bring up an old question! but I was trying to create a follow mechanic and ended up having the same issue shifty was having where the object following the player goes to the middle of them and wobbles, and I wasn't sure how to fix it. I'm not sure if I have a wrong event set-up like Shifty did or not (I couldn't check since their link doesn't work anymore), but I don't think I put in the events wrong (at least from what I can see haha). I might be doing the same thing where I need a fresh pair of eyes, though..

    I can't post an url so sadly I can't give you the capx file, but I could take a screenshot or something probably or split up an url link.

  • ZoombiiPanda , I believe your issue can be solved by creating an instance variable 'distanceFromCat' on the kitten object and set it anything above 0. Like 50 or 100.

    Then in the events create a System - compare 2 values and set the parameters - First value 'abs(cat.X-kitten.X) / Comparison - Greater Than / Second Value 'Kitten.DistanceFromCat'.

    Like so (I don't know if links work...) - .


    onzephyr . I also apologies for bringing up such an old thread but I also have a question! In your example the kittens have a sort of delay when they simulate the left and right movement. I tried to recreate your example but the 'kittens' would move exactly when the player moves, no delay. Any ideas?

  • Thinking there are loads of fun ways to do this. Here is the first one that came to mind,using platform behavior on the kittens , like your original

    Event comments explain it a bit. and the kittens now have a variable that allows you to give each kitten it's own distance if you need it.

    chasing_idea.capx dropbox downloadonzephyr2012-03-13 23:38:36

    hi buddy, how you doing?

    I am asking if i am using a player with 8 directions behaviour and the followers also, how can i make these objects to follow the steps of the player with a 8 directions behaviour

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