Object moving on a planet

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    I have tried this now many hours and read all tutorials about gravitation, this one looks to work for me. The Monsters angle is set to the position on the planet and the monster keeps getting pulled to the planet... The problem is now it can't jump and it is vibrating on the planet cause of my simple gravitation :D

    Ideas how I could fix that.

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  • -> Monster On collision with Planet

    .. disable gravitation

    Or add 'monster NOT overlapping planet' condition to your gravitation thingy there. :)

  • Oh this could work better than my

    -> Distance between middle of a planet and a monster radius planet + 100

    I will try it as soon as possible thank you

    Works well, but I need to activate the gravitation again if he is jumping,

    I tried to invert the on overlapping but this starts the vibrating again...

    Got it !

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