Have object follow cursor on full-screen (scale)

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  • I know this seems like an incredibly simple task to do, but I have some particles that I'd like to follow the cursor. When full-screen is off, it's incredibly easy to set the position of the particles to X= Mouse.X and Y= Mouse.Y, but when in full-screen scale (and even crop) is on, then the particles are offset, depending on the size of the browser window itself.

    Is there a calculation that can be used to detect the exact position of the mouse when in full-screen mode?

    I'm kind of hoping that it's actually not something ridiculously simple.

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  • Alright, I fixed it. It was ridiculously simple. But I'll post this up in case anyone else is having troubles.

    My particles were set to a Layer that had a Scale Rate to 0, as well as the Parallax scrolling to 0, 0. Moving it to a layer that had its scale rate to 100, and parallax to 100, 100, fixed the problem.

    So, if ever something is not working, check its scale rate & parallax scroll variables.

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