How do I number layers?

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  • Hello,

    I have 10 layers in a folder called levels and 10 layers in a folder called levels story.

    When the player completes a level I want to jump to the next levels story layer.

    How can I do this dynamically?

  • Set Layer Visible event. If it's a story where you dismiss layers which is what I'm imagining then you can just run a function where it sets different layers visible/invisible in order. There's probably many ways to do what you want here. You might want something else entirely though as this doesn't really relate to the subject 'how do I number layers?'

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  • By the way, you gave me an idea as to place them on top of the levels layer.

    I will try it and respond back.

  • keep in mind that when you are doing story mode or making a game type with this is that any variable that you have preivously saved for a layer will be there and it doesnt delete it self when switching layers. You might want to do layout instead if you choose to do so.

  • Ok so I added a new layer on top of the game itself on each level instead of adding new layout which is logic.

    Problem is that I want to make all other layers invisible while layer story is visible. With click they should all toggle.

    I have different layers for levels though, so I want to use their names for visibility instead of their numbers to make it dynamic.

    How to use layer's name in the 'set visible' action?

    Update: Thanks for your help guys, now it works perfect!

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