Nothing appears when viewing my game on Android?

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  • I have tried the Dropbox public link. I have tried the Quick tutorial. But both instances leaves me with a black background. None of my images are displayed, just a black background. (Although my background is black), so I'm not sure why nothing is appearing.

    I have no audio in the project. And when exporting to HTML5, all settings are left as defaults. Preview from within Construct 2 works, and displays everything fine. I'm trying to display a 1080,1920 project window onto my s6 device which is 1440x2560.

    Configuration settings are:

    default browser

    letterbox scale

    high quality scaling


    webgl On

    Linear Sampling

    Medium Downscaling

    Preload sounds Yes

    Clear background Yes

    What may be the case? Suggestions?

    Thank you.

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  • Bump - any ideas?

    *Edit. Found a solution. For future reference, use a site called "bitballoon" to upload your HTML5 folder to test your mobile game.

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