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  • I should start off by saying that my experience in programming and coding is a level zero, but I'm very interested in making games that people might enjoy. What I'd really like to do is make a mobile game with a very simple (looking) RPG turn based fighting system, much like in, which I think would work great on mobile.

    I guess I'm looking for where to start. How can I have a character? Or perhaps how do I search more effectively if this has been addressed already?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Your first steps in game making and using Construct2 should begin with the beginner's guide to Construct2.

    Then afterwards, read a few more tutorials like New to Construct: where to start and more of the tutorials this article links to.

    Then you can look for more elements about RPG in the How do I FAQ.

    At first tutorials may not seem related to the kind of game you want to do, but it's going to teach you smoothly how to make games with Construct and allow you to progress toward your project.

  • Yes and to add on top the importance of those tutorials. Those tuts teach the basics of how to use C2, how to use behaviours and plugins and most importantly how to think in C2 game creation.

    Otherwise without them starting is a major hurdle.

    maybe there should be a sticky.

    "new to C2, please read this before posting"

    Then it could cover the best set of starting links, theories and guides that lead to understanding the fundamentals of the awesomness of C2.

  • From a design perspective, I would suggest that once you have a fairly solid idea of the game you want to make, break it into smaller functional pieces, such as movement, score keeping, etc. Then use the tutorials suggested above to figure how to make those pieces work. Trying to tackle an entire project in one go will be overwhelming.

  • Thanks for the tips guys! I will try to get a good foundation with these tutorials, and hopefully have some interesting stuff to share down the road. Thanks!

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