Night Day Effect no WebGL

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  • Well I had a game idea I want to make some time down the road. Night and Day are part of the design. The problem is that the game is aimed to be on IOS and Android as well as PC.

    As we know WebGL seems near non existence on these devices :( boooo. Are there any other techniques of opacity layering that could mimic night/day and light lamp effects. My few attempts are utter failures.

    oh why can't mobile WEBUIVIEW have WebGL :(

  • Use ROJOHound's Canvas plugin which you can change colors without using WebGL

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  • hmm. I'm going to look into that :) any suggestions on how to affect colours. Would I assume an overlay, or do i need to go through every sprite and blend a lower colour. How would I be achieving the light effects from laps or flashlight?

    I'm only asking as I have never used Canvas plugin before :D

  • It's up to your idea, otherwise you would make 2 overlay images: afternoon and night, about flashlight would suck memory if you force texture, better create a mask image to pin scroll camera.

  • I have to admit. I have a weakness to a couple of graphical things.

    1. I'm totally lost when it comes to masks and colours. I barely understood a thing you said. But I don's understand masks at all. I will google this information up.

    2. Particles. I just don't get how to do these very well :(

    I will follow googling these paths and see what I can fine. I appreciate the pointing in the right direction :)

  • Imagine when you play FPS and you wear a gas mask, you see the borders are dark around the screen. It could be for flashlight mask image without using force texture.

    Particles? what are you talking about? i think it has nothing to do with Night Day Effect.

  • the particles are just a thing and have nothing to do with it.

    I think I understand a little more of what your saying. Create a large image with a hole in it. and then turn it as needed. ok i think I got that. I can think of a few tricks to reduce the image size :)

  • If you do mask image, it keeps FPS so no need to consume big memory for CPU using force texture ;)

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