I need shooting only one direction

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  • Hello, get a problem with topdown shooter.

    I got "8" for shooting up and "6" for shooting right but if I pressed it simultaneously player shoot in both direction.

    And if I make "8+6" input for diagonal shooting it will be 3 shoot at same time.

    How make it be the only one(not on screen just shoot one at time)?

  • setting Instance variables for bullet timer(make it 1).

    Condition for shooting(bullet timer >0).

    Set bullet timer 0 every time I shoot and reset bullet timer every 0.2sec

    some how solve this poblem=)

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  • Hey!

    I'm not sure how have you created the shooting controls in your game, but if it's very similar to other top down shooter controls you should watch some tutorials how they are made. Just google "top down shooter tutorial construct 2" and you'll find a lot of good ones easily! Since I don't have the needed 500+ reputation, I can not post you the link.

    Going to try anyway, I think it doesn't work though...

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/405/ho ... onstruct-2

    Hope this helps!

  • Heyho I read this tutorial.

    This(and similar) examples use 1 button to shoot(mouse or key) I wonna a lot of button to shoot regular bullets in different directions(Binding of Isaac style).

    So if I have A for shooting right.

    And B for shooting left.

    How make it "if I shoot left I can't shoot right at the same moment"

    I solve problem like I write earlier but question is still here=).

  • Use Else.

    If A, shoot right


    if B, shoot left.

    This can get messy if you are doing diagonal shooting.

    Otherwise, I recommend setting an angle for firing direction as a variable, and shoot at that angle. Then you can do 360 degree shooting and not have to worry about shooting multiple directions at the same time.

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