Need help with xcode!!!

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  • Hi! I have my ios game completely ready to release. I used Cocoonjs followed every step and now i'm tryng to archive my file on xcode but the archive option can't be clicked, probably because it says my game has two issues: 1st Retina 4 support( missing Default-568hqrc@2x.png launch image)

               2nd Info.plist Utility Warning(User suplied UIDeviceFamily key ...)

    When I try to add that launch image it doesn't do that. Has anyone ever used this to put his app on the app store that can help me with this problem? :\ Or do you know anyone I can PM?

    Thank very much in advance!

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  • It's long term help, you need someone who is expert with Xcode.

    Basically you need an iOS account to get provision files and attach with Xcode to generate keys. You could add a missing image file inside of .xcodeproj.

  • The problem is I bought the ios developer program. Did all those things( followed the step by step tutorial on ludei) but still have the same issues(like I cant add missing images)

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