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  • Im talking about you two! great skills !

  • Thanks Weishaupt and Yann for your hard works, your examples are really useful!

    Yann sorry for me being a thick-head, but could you please create event groups where i can pick up an items, and check if i weared items, the stats(attack, defend) will change? Thanks in advance XD

  • These examples have a future in games rpg, will be an indispensable part of people who will create the second construct It would not be out of place to add the names of Yann and Weishaupt in the end credits.

    I think it was useful to implement a little more interaction between the hero and object of the game which will lie on the ground that it is a possibility of collecting them and add to inventory.

  • Actually adding/removing things, as far as my system goes should be done like that :

    • adding:

        - creating the new item with its stats (default or not)

        - adding his UID in one of the invSlot 'possess' instance variable

        - reactivating the 'Replace' group

    • deleting:

        - destroy the item (thus completely losing its custom stats so don't do it if you just store that elswhere: on the floor, in a crate (= another inventory system)

        - reseting the 'possess' instance variable of the slot to -1

        - reactivating the 'Replace' group

    No, not an issue the thing to do now, is more a save and store system to carry all these datas through different layout.

    Basically it should be an Global Array that store the list of these items with their stats and in which slot they are (maybe each time you reactivate the replace group, or just when you change layout)

    Also what's laking is a context. How you will use this example in an actuall game is important (I guess the whole UI would be in a dedicated layer, and you'll switch it's visibility on and off to show and hide it)

    That's all (:


    We'll see but it's better if you try first. How do you think did I learn? :D

    Actually making a degree on construct classic and often helping people is what made me learn fast. I only discovered scirra products last christmas.

  • Yann Thanks for your advice, i'll give it a try. XD

  • there ya go

    With export 'cause it's neat :D

    Thanks for the great capx! In the download the items do not show up for me unless i put them on the screen..... the 2nd link works great. How would you go about setting default items to certain slots like in the 2nd link example?


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  • Wow, this is just amazing, I was just wondering how I could make an action bar, and this might be the solution! I'm sure it works the same, but later on I will need to figure out a way to make it so that ability X on slot 1 will cause ability X to be casted on click after having pressed number 1 or the slot itself.

    Thank you very much as this was a very much needed step for me to advance with my big project!

  • Hey, guys!

    I've been searching forums to find a solution for my problem but all thosee examples eaither too complex for me or not exactly what I'm looking for. As I can see, it's not hard for you to figure out the inventory thing. So, please, can you help me with what I need:

    A simple 3 Slots inventory. It must work like this:

    1) Player picks up an item and the item goes to any free slot of the inventory

    2) If all 3 slots are full, the player can't pick up the items anymore

    3) After the item was removed from its containing slot(for example, removed by event), that same slot becomes available for another item to pick up

    I would appreciate your help with this. Thank you in advance!

  • Wow guys, this is amazing. I know the topic has been closed for a while now, but I'm interested in using these tutorials you guys made. I couldn't just use it without giving you guys props. This game world I'm designing is going to be insanely large, so this is insanely great!

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