Need help: having a enemy shoot toward you

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  • In the event sheet you can call it by:

    Star is boolean instance variable set CanHurtNinja

  • Feeling stupid. Can't seem to get what you are obviously pointing out.

    Here's where I am so far:

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  • Added the condition for the collision, also added a sytem trigger once and distance condition to the slicing, for the sound went crazy and you could just keep slicing over the ninja to win.

    Removed the action to hurt ninja on slice.


  • Wow Stain thanks so much. I'm going to have to credit you of course >;)

    One more thing and I think I can figure out the rest from here (at least for now >;)

    I'm trying to create a simple in between level one and level two scene where the throwing star ninja drops down into position then starts throwing. I can't seem to find a simple move to command to achieve this. It has to be stupidly simple and I'm missing it.

  • Actually, a simple move to command doesn't exist, haha..

    If you want to keep it really simple, you should use the most used 3rd party plugin conveniently called MoveTo.

  • Where would I get that plug in?

  • You could go to the plugin section of this forum, use the forum search or just ask me:


  • Got it. Thanks so much. Here is the version 1.0

    I credited you in the credits.

    Now I have to tweak it but I'm pretty pleased with the results so far.

  • Another question. I am trying to have the screen flash red when the ninja star leaves the screen showing damage. I made a background that was red and tried to turn it visible and invisible but that did not seem to work. Any ideas?

  • This is what I have so far the level I am talking about is level 2.

    Need to flash the background red when the star leaves the screen to show damage.

    Improvements from the last version:

    Death scene

    Health power ups

  • Figured it out. I set up three layers. Zero a red tinted version of the background, one the actual background with a flash behavior, and two the layer with the sprites. This way when I call the flash behavior it flashes (actually becomes clear) and the red tinted version shows through. Works great.

  • You are using the spritebank plugin in your project, so I cant open it.

    What you could do is add a red tiled background the size of the screen give it the fade behaviour for 0.25 fade out time and destroy after fade out. Now every time damage is taken create the sprite.

    This works even nicer if you set blend mode to additive I think, although it's nicer if you make the fadeout-time longer then.

  • Little Stain, could you help me figure out how to reverse this and have the player throw the stars at the ninja?

    I have the throwing sprite which is at the bottom of the screen and I have a ninja randomly appearing then disappearing in a puff of smoke. I want to have the player mouse click on the ninja before he disappears and click which would then have a star thrown. My problem is figuring out how to have the star change in size as it goes toward the target. You helped me with this when the ninja threw stars toward the player now I have to reverse it. I've been yanking my hair out looking at the code trying to figure out how to reverse it.

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