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  • I create a mathquiz game in 2d Platform.. still in progress.

    I can't get my head around on one particular the problem.

    When the player hits a box, a math question appears with a couple of options.

    If a user clicks the right answer, a "Correct" Text appears and flashes.

    If not, "Try Again" should appear and flash.

    But somehow the "Try Again" text doesn't show up, even though I have set its visibility.

    Now please look at the image below:

    [attachment=0:2ohqqtn8]Screenshot - 13_01_2015 , 12_38_31.png[/attachment:2ohqqtn8]

    If I disable the call function, the "Try Again" can appear.

    But if I enable it the "Try Again" text visibility is always false, even clearly in the event for incorrect answer it is set to be visible.

    I don't understand why.

    Could someone figure it out?

    This is the file:

    https://www, ... .capx?dl=0

    please replace the coma(,) after

  • I think I've the problem. But I'm not sure it acts like that.

    So the flash behavior makes the text invisible, instead of flashing.

    Does anyone know why?

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  • Eurekaa!

    THe problem is with the time scale.

    Flash behavior cannot be used when time scale is 0.

    Maaan... this problem has taken a day of my life.

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