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  • That capx isn't going to help you with that. You are going to have to rewrite portions of it - change various things.

    Best way is to start at the beginning. It is time you start doing something. The only way you are going to figure it out is to build something simple. Lets start with movement.

    Homework Assignment 1:

    Get you spider to move towards a click.

    Once you have that...

    Homework Assignment 2:

    Get spider to move towards your mouse click, then change direction to new click.

    Once you've done that...

    Lets focus a little on spider web.

    You aren't going to add it in - not yet.

    Start new project. Start at a very basic level. Why don't you build a health bar. It is the exact same principle and very easy to do, it will get you writing your game and you can expand on that once your confidence gets better.

    So health being 100 points.

    We will later exchange the 100 points to the distance traveled type deal.

    But start small. 100 points = 100 pixels. Try 400 pixels etc etc.

    Play with it, get to know it.

    I am purposely not going to write this out for you. This is basic stuff, and there is loads of documentation available. It's time to get you hands dirty.

  • This is why I said I wasn't going to make the game in the other thread. You make a working game and then they come back with "Ok now how do I do this?" and all they have is the sample you sent, completely unchanged, because they don't know how Construct 2 works. You need to learn the basics first so please read the manual and look at some test levels. This forum is for getting help with specific things when you already have a working knowledge of C2. If I say to you in the other thread use 'Set Angle Toward' and you don't know what this means and need an explanation of the event then you need to read the manual.

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  • cesarzevil,

    How has the movement of spider assignment come along?

    And how does your healthbar look?

    Post capx and lets see if we can join the two together.

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