How do I get my music to play through Crosswalk?

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  • Hi there,

    I've trying to make apk's using XDK and Crosswalk.

    Everything works ok, although the file size of the apk is really enormous!

    However, one way or another I can't seem to get my background music playing....

    In a previous version of my game the music played without any problem, but now I have no music whatsoever....

    'Sounds' familiar??

    Any help is highly appreciated....

  • Hi there again,

    don't know what happened or what I did different, but the background music seems to be playing now...

    The APK file size remains huge though...

    Any suggestions on how to reduce this would be welcome, but I guess that's the 'price' we have to pay to use a workaround like this, or isn't it?

  • using crosswalk the minimum size is a little less then 20MB because it has to pack in a striped down version of chrome there no way around it. You can try some of the other export methods they can export smaller but for the most part they don't support everything crosswalk does. Really until android 5.0 is widely used crosswalk is the best option.

    Also most games are over 50MB now a days on android so it really isn't that big of a deal for most people.

  • Hi Volkiller,

    thanks for your explanation.

    I guess we'll have to deal with it for the time being...

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  • Still....

    My C2 project is about 7 mb.

    When I use Crosswalk to create an APK, all of a sudden it's 53 mb!

    That's a whole lot...

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