How do I Make multiple transparent canvas

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  • Hi,

    How do I Make multiple transparent canvas?

    Example :

    Canvas A made with threeJS (background) something like this

    Canvas B made with Construct (like... any common C2 games without backgrounds)

    It is possible to make the Construct Canvas Background transparent for see the another canvas (with different HTML ID)?

  • Nobody? Maybe it would be better that I produces an example?

    Something like

    <!-- The C2 Canvas -->
    		<div id="c2canvasdiv" style="margin: 0 auto; width: 854px; height: 480px;">
                 <!-- The my custom canvas made with threeJS or other external stuff in the background -->
    		         <canvas id="myCustomCanvas />
    			<!-- The canvas the project will render to.  If you change its ID, don't forget to change the
    			ID the runtime looks for in the jQuery ready event (above). -->
    			<canvas id="c2canvas" width="854" height="480">
    				<!-- This text is displayed if the visitor's browser does not support HTML5.
    				You can change it, but it is a good idea to link to a description of a browser
    				and provide some links to download some popular HTML5-compatible browsers. -->
    				Your browser does not appear to support HTML5.  Try upgrading your browser to the latest version.  <a href="">What is a browser?</a>
    				<br/><br/><a href="">Microsoft Internet Explorer</a><br/>
    				<a href="">Mozilla Firefox</a><br/>
    				<a href="">Google Chrome</a><br/>
    				<a href="">Apple Safari</a><br/>
    				<a href="">Google Chrome Frame for Internet Explorer</a><br/>
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  • I believe that if you set the bottom layer inside construct to transparent you could show the canvas behind it.

    This 3d plugin uses that method, I think.

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