How do I multiple same objects move as one

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  • I know people usually want the opposite, but i'm doing my UI a little differently, using a custom made slider. I want to be able to have more than one slider on the screen, for the player's convenience. I created my slider, placed it in a family so all the parts spawn together, at the start of the layout i arranged them the way i wanted. It works! but when i add another slider to the mix the second slider "breaks".

    The family still works and it constructs the same but when i slide the "main" (first) slider the second slider doesnt follow? How can i make them follow the same rules?

    And I like to thank everybody that ever has responded to one of my posts in the past. I'm a new game developer and i just got my associates, and i'm trying to build a game studio from scratch. I want to thank you developers because i'm always asking question lol. thank you

  • One of them should be a 'fake' slider, only reacts to the player scrolling as a graphic element, but with no changing conditions attached to it. The other one, the real one, acts to the player scrolling and changes the things that you want to change. Now it is just a case of picking the right one and set the other one to the same Y position.


    Player changed fake_slider

    set real_slider to same position

    change the things you want to change based on the position of the real_slider

    Player changed real_slider

    change the things you want to change based on the position of the real_slider

    set fake slider to same position

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  • so what your saying is (if i want to add more than 2 sliders) I should have them all be "fake" and a player touches (im making a mobile game) one of the sliders on the screen make that the "real" slider and have the fake sliders equal the real slider...THAT'S FUCKING GENIUS!!

    THANK YOU 99Instances2Go

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