How do make multiple levels in one layout

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  • When you are making a game with 100-200 or more levels and have to create each level manually, placing sprites on layouts - this is a very time consuming job. And yes, I agree, in many games this may be the only way to build levels.

    However, in lots of other games (especially puzzle games, which this post is about) you can optimize or automate this task by generating levels randomly, or with data created using some external tool. And this can save you many days, weeks or even months of work.

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  • If it's a small single screen puzzle game I would just generate each level in a single layout, why not? 100 layouts would look so cluttered and too many things can go wrong.

  • If the majority doesn't, it's not because it's better, but because the majority is probably not skilled enough to do it properly, I guess..

    yes, this is the point.

    I think the answers are also given taking into account the context, but the fact that the author of the post has doubts about how to do or not do some kind of game shows that he is not an expert. And that he may not be able to handle the type of programming you are referring to.

    And we must also keep in mind that on 100 gamedevs on the forum, who are experienced are a minority (maybe 10?) and therefore better give generic but safe responses to the standard procedures that are most sought after in the community, and let the experts go to the advanced ones .

    sorry my english.

  • Hey NN81!

    I understand your point and, at some length, I agree with it. That said, I'd rather suggest the more efficient approach and even help the person out on getting it done. this way we'll have one more person that can do it properly and can share the knowledge for doing so... But, yes, I understand the point of giving easier and safer approaches.

  • Thank you all for replying.

    dop2000 you have use CSV file to make multiple levels in one layout, can you tell me another method of doing the same thing or anyone else.

  • I'm using this CSV plugin:


    I don't know what kind of game you are creating, so it's hard to give you any advice.

    Here is a little example I made for another post: ... .capx?dl=0

    You'll need to install the CSV plugin to run it.

    In this demo there are 2 levels using the same layout. Levels have different items offered in the shop, these items are loaded from the CSV file.

  • Can you tell me how to install CSV plugin

  • dop2000 have you download all 4 or only first 3 plugin?

  • I think I used only the first one.

    But you can install CSV2Array and CSV2Dictionary as well.

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