multiple collision polygons for one frame?

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  • I'm trying to have it so that different animations and events play out depending on whether my character has objects/projectiles colliding with the front or the back of the sprite. In the case that there is a way to have multiple collision polygons on one frame, i'd be really grateful if someone told me how to do it.

    If not, then i'd really appreciate someone telling if there's another way from me to get the whole different-animations-and-events-depending-on-whether-the-front-or-back-is-hit-thing

    I have some ideas as to how I could go about it if multiple collision polygons are impossible, but they're kind of convoluted and cumbersome, so any help would be appreciated :D

  • not sure if this will work depending on your context but you could check the projectile X against the character X, in a sub event under the collision

    projectile | on collision with character

    projectile.x greater than character.x --> play hit from right animation

    projectile.x less than character.x --> play hit from left animation

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  • Another solution would be to have invisible sprites act as collision-boxes. just pin them to the playerobject (probably putting them in a container would be usefull too)

  • Oohhh, both good ideas, Ill keep them in mind, Thank you!

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