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  • Hey guys I've been having an issue with trying to find a way to join a friend directly in a game instead of randomly almost like and invitation. I'm also trying to make private lobby settings and the ability make tournament brackets without special DLC's. Any advice would be great thanks.

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  • hi

    for your first question: work with room names.

    Join room USER INPUT ROOM NAME for game GAMENAME instance INSTANCENAME[/code:22bqwroc]
    so the game name and instance name must be the same for every player. but instead of a given room name the player can input the room name itself. when two players enter the same roomname they end up in the same room given, the room isent full
  • Thank you for that helpful information should I put that in my log in or a separate layout and event sheet

  • thats really up to you... the user input must happen before connecting. so asking the user first and then connect after the user hit a button is a good idea.

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