Moving immovable physics, maintaining phys effect

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  • That was a long headline...

    I have made a small example: .capx

    There is water running down into some "buckets"

    My question is this:

    how would you go about moving the bucket with touch/mouse input while still maintaining the physical affect the bucket has on the water.

    So how do I move the bucket while still maintaining the water inside (while some of it might spill over due to the physical circumstances)

  • A small bump on this one. Anyone who can help?

    Taking the liberty of adding you R0J0hound as I have seen you answer simular questions... I have just not been able to drag what I needed from what I have found so far.

  • From all the people on this site i am probably the least qualified to answer your question, but after messing around for a couple of minutes i'd at least like to offer you something to pass time until one of the more skilled fellows comes along and makes everything right again. :)

    Well, first off, i opened your example, however i found that it ran too badly (my laptop doesn't support webgl), so i made my own one - a bit simplified, yet seems to work decently.

    Now, it is made on r142, so there might be bugs in later versions, but i at least tried. The example itself should be simple enough and i put in a comment or two there too (<30 events).

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  • Stiivais

    Looks like you are very qualified. Nice example. I will incorporate it into my own later tonight when I have more time.

    But it looks like a good solution. Small adjustments to density etc should solve the rest.

    Thx for taking the time. <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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