How do I move a text object from one box to another

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  • I am new to Construct 2 and I am trying to create a game to helps me memorise a list. I have two text boxes, one where the list will appear and one with the words jumbled up. The objective is to touch the correct word in the jumbled text box, it will disappear and re-appear in the correct order in the other box. So far I can make the word disappear and re-appear but not in the correct order. If I touch the wrong word that word also disappears and re-appear on the list. How do I avoid this. I have looked at the tutorials and the manual, at arrays and variable but I cant find the solution. I have downloaded the Dropbox app but I do not know how to upload my project.



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  • What kind of event logic were you using to make it disappear and re-appear? To share with dropbox, it creates a dropbox folder in C:\users\Dropbox. In that folder is a Public folder. If you drop your file into there it gets uploaded to Dropbox, you can then right-click on the file and select Copy public link to get the url to share on here. Alternatively you can upload it via the Dropbox website once you login.

  • Thanks for the help. I have used the expression 'touch' to destroy a word, and 'touch to make the same word 'visible' which was set at invisible. I have tried to upload my project but not sure if I did. If I've failed let me know so I can try again.



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