How do I move sprite faster with coordinates ?

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  • Hi,

    I move a sprite using an array of coordinates

    [766,72,765.8,72,765.6,72,765.4,72,765.2,72,765,72,764.8,72,764.6,72,764.4,72,764.2,72,764,72,763.8,72,763.6,72,763.4,72,763.2,72,763,72,762.8,72,762.6][/code:1vknpr0g]I try to use 
    System every tick -> sprite Set to X int(Array.At(n))
                                       sprite Set to Y int(Array.At(n+1))
                                      system Set n to +2
    It s to slow to browse the array so i need other method but i don t know how do that 
    Thx for helps
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  • I don't get the problem you're having. Just tested here and it reads the array so fast you can barely follow the movement. Also, I don't understand why you're using this method to move the sprite, so, if you could share more information, maybe people would be able to help you...


  • I am trying to rewrite an old engine in as2 flash , but I caught the trick in the meantime to speed up the sprite movement , a coefficient must be applied to variable n

    Ty for help

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