How do I move the object exactly at angle of analog stick?

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  • Probably to get the angle of the right stick it would be:


    YES!!! Thanks!!! Brilliant!!!

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  • Hello and sorry that i reanimated this older thread

    But is there a different in the quality and precision between different gamepads?

    For example, is a XBox-controller more accurate and precise then a cheaper version (like Gamesir G3w or CSL GamepadX or Logitech-Stuff, etc.)?

    Because, when i use the code above, the angle will not exactly been shown - only in some kind of 45 degree-steps (sometimes i got really precise angle-values, then it stucks in 45 degree but i still move the analog-stick, then it jumps to 72 degrees and shows the exact angle till i'm on 90 degree, then it stuck again, etc.).

    Also when i only show the axes: when i slowly move the analog-stick to the right side, a value only starts to shows when i reach a quarter of the path i can move the stick. Also the value starts at around 30, then it calculate exactly till i reach 100 - but there i'm not at the end of the way i could move the stick. There's only been shows values between the first and the penultimate section i can move the stick.

    Sorry for my english and i hope you understand what i mean

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