How do I move everything with a command

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  • full story: so the last few days i have been working with construct i decided to make something simple so i made a point and click version of DE_Dust2 from Counter Strike, just around the map with a simple buy screen and a few enemies to click on.

    Now i have been making this for a few days and to make the map i took alot of screenshots so i have around 350 objects right now. Every time something new comes into the screen it just overlaps: you go to a place background is placed top layer, gun it placed top layer, directions is placed top layer, enemies placed top layer. thats more or less how i have done things now most things work to some point but some of the older things overlap for instance i have "Tunnel Entrance" i go in there then i go "B Bombsite" here i dont have anything but the map and the gun but if i click where "Tunnel Entrance" was its still active. so is there a way to move everything to a new position. example lets say my game area is from 0,0 to 1920,1080 my objects are placed from 2000,0 and beyond so they are out of the way but still accessible. I want a command that moves all items to 2000,0 that i can run before every scene is that possible or would i have to sit and make a command for every single object to move to position?

    What i need to know: is there a fast way to select everything and move it all to a position?

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  • [quote:30nlqjbr]What i need to know: is there a fast way to select everything and move it all to a position?

    In the free version not that I know. In the full version you could place all of the objects in a family and move the whole family at once to one position.

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